How Chamomile Tea Can Switch Off Cancer Cells

Chamomile Tea to Prevent Cancer – the Research
Various types of tea have been shown to offer some amazing health benefits but chamomile tea can be particularly beneficial when it comes to preventing and fighting cancer.1
Different teas contain different ingredients that promote and support your health:
• I’ve mentioned that one of the 8 health benefits of green tea is cancer prevention.
• One of the 9 health benefits of matcha tea is cancer prevention.
The active component in chamomile tea is called apigenin, and researchers have found that apigenin can help to stop the spread of cancer cells.
Cancer cells live longer than normal healthy cells and this is one of the factors that allow cancer cells to spread and proliferate. Many of the modern cancer drugs are designed to cause cancer cells to die like normal cells.
Study #1
Researchers at Ohio State University showed that apigenin causes cancer cells to die at a rate equivalent to normal cells. They found that apigenin helped to curb the spread of breast cancer.2 Chamomile has not only been found to be effective against breast cancer, but research shows that chamomile is effective against many other forms of cancer.
Study #2
In another study published in the Journal of European Health, scientists found that the consumption of chamomile tea protected individuals from developing thyroid cancer.
The study showed the longer you drink chamomile tea, the higher your protection against thyroid diseases and thyroid cancer.3
Why Chamomile Tea Fights Cancer
In an effort to find out how chamomile tea protects against cancer, scientists studied the chemical compounds in chamomile tea and how it works. Researchers found that the ingredients in Chamomile tea selectively targeted and killed cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.4
Reducing inflammation is a vital key to prevent and fight cancer. Inflammation is a natural process but it can damage your body and cellular DNA, which can signal the start of cancer.

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